March 24, 2010

Soufflé, A Cooking Mess-ups!

Whenever I think of Soufflé, it reminds me of Dominque and Claude, a family-owned French restaurant that we would dine on special occasion. They made the best Grand Marnier Soufflé--unfortunately the owners had retired and sold their business four years ago. One weekend John and I made this dessert--which turned out to be a disaster! We were a little zealous and had overworked both the egg whites and overcooked the anglaise sauce. In addition to that, the rim of the dish was covered with a 5-inch high foil wrap, as I had anticipated that the soufflé would puff up in all its glory. Now how do you expect the heat to penetrate through this "Great Wall of China?" The end results: only half heartedly puffed up soufflé; a curdled crème anglaise that poured out in lumpy fashion! If there is a Guinness Book of Records for cooking disasters--we'd top the charts with the highest mark! We can't change what had happened--might as well laugh about it. :) Lucky for us our daughter made us a perfect soufflé with the superb crème anglaise last weekend. Here's some of the pictures of my mishaps--If you have a similar story, I love to hear from you.

Escoffier said "kings wait for soufflés; soufflés do not wait for kings."

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