October 1, 2010

Cold Soba Noodles/Buckwheat Noodles

During the hot summer the heat can be quite unbearable at time and you want something cold and refreshing to eat. This reminds me of a dish--cold soba (buckwheat) noodles with dipping sauce and condiments. Eating it is fun as you pick a small amount of  of each condiments and mix it into your dipping sauce bowl. Then you pick up the noodles and dip it in the sauce and eats it. It is light and refreshing and sure to whet your appetite! Most of the items can be purchased at any Asian or Japanese grocery stores.
350 gms buckwheat noodles
Condiments: (of your choice and/or availability)
finely grated fresh ginger
finely chopped shiso leaves
finely julienned myoga (Japanese ginger)
finely chopped green onions
finely shredded nori seaweed
toasted sesame seeds (black/white)
Nanami togarashi (flavored pepper)
a dollop of wasabi
½ cup Kikomann soya sauce
½ cup mirin, with alcohol base
¼ cup brown sugar
Dashi Stock:
A piece of 4-5 inch dried kombu seaweed
2 packets of bonita flakes
3 cups water
Dipping Sauce:
1 cup of kaeshi
1-2 cups dashi stock
1) Heat the mirin sauce over low heat, then add in soya sauce and sugar. Cook until sugar has melted and remove any scum off the top. Strain and set aside.
Dashi Stock:
2) Presoak the kombu in 3 cups of water for about 15-20 minutes to soften. Bring the water a fast boil and drop in bonita flakes. Turn off heat and cover to let it cool. Strain liquid through a sieve and use your fingers and sqeeze out most of the flavor. Set is aside for later.
Dipping Sauce:
3) In a saucepan simmer kaeshi and dashi stocks over medium heat. Let it simmer for about 5-8 minutes, remove and let cool. Season to taste. You can easily prepare this ahead of time.
Cook the noodles:
1) Add enough water to a large pot and bring to a fast boil. Add the noodles a little at a time. Stir to make sure the noodles are completey covered in water. Turn heat to simmer and cook for about 8 minutes depending on the thickness of the noodles or follow directions on the package.
2) Test the noodle, it should be cooked through but not soft or mushy. Pour the noodles into a colander and reserve some of the water. Run cold water to cool down the noodles. When the noodles are cool enough to handle, take a handful of noodles and wash it under the water until the water is clear. This helps removes any traces of starch on the noodles. Drain well and set aside.
3) Arrange noodles in individual plates and set out dipping bowls for the sauce, and condiments. Fill each dipping bowls halfway with dipping sauce.


Demise said...

I love this display of Soba.. great pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

How many does this serve?

msiagal1usa said...

Thanks, Demise for the kind compliment.

msiagal1usa said...

Dear Anonymous, this serves 2-3