November 7, 2009

Black Chicken and Silver Carp Soup

The Chinese believes that most food items contain properties that affect bodily functions. As a matter of fact, each Chinese herb are supposed to have different effects on the body and helps promote good health. If you visit a Chinese medicinal hall, you will find thousand of different herbs in various shapes and forms. Here's a soup recipe from a dear friend--It rejuvenate and helps blood circulation.
1 black silkie chicken, skin removed, cut in quarters
1 silver carp, scales and guts removed
6 pieces codonopsis root (党参 dang shen)
6 pieces solomon's seal (玉竹 yu zhu)
20 dried red dates (红枣 hong zao)
muslin bag
salt to taste
1. Put ingredients into a large muslin bag, securing the ends. Fill an 8-quart pot with water halfway and put in bag and bring water to boil.
2. Remove scum on the surface and simmer for about 2-3 hrs. Season soup to taste.

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