August 31, 2010

Spicy Shrimp Floss/Sambal HeeBee

This is a wonderful Peranakan side dish that is simple to prepare and store well in the refrigerator. I used to spread on a toast, or sprinkle on top of stir-fried vegetables. It is just as wonderful with plain rice.
3 cups dried shrimp, rinsed and soaked overnight
½ cup dried chilies, deseed and soaked to soften
5 fresh red chillies, deseed and slice
1 lemon grass, sliced
½ cup chopped onions
1 piece ginger
1 Tbsp. dried belachan
2 Tbsp. tamarind powder or paste
salt and sugar to taste
¼ cup oil
1. Blend the following in a food processor: dried shrimp, chilies, lemon grass, shallots, and ginger until it resembles small chunks.
2. Heat oil on high and fry ingredients until golden brown and fragrant. Reduce heat to medium and continue to stir until mixture is dry. Season to taste with tamarind, salt and sugar.
3. Remove from heat and store in containers when cool enough to handle. Keep in refrigerator.
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